Trainer bookings for equestrian sport, Germany


International equestrian training support up to the highest levels

Read more about our highly qualified trainers available for booking - from basic training up to the highest levels of dressage, show jumping or eventing, including German national team trainers.


In addition, these trainers have extensive experience with international pupils and equestrian sport all over the world.


German Horse Center helps you find the best trainer to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Championship preparation for young riders

You would like your child to qualify for - and participate successfully in - international championships such as the European Championships? If so, you are at the right place. Many of our trainers have extensive experience in the support of top-level junior riders. Or would you simply like your child to gain experience at German competitions? German Horse Center trainers are in a position to support you in any of these areas.

Training for adults: from the basics to world-class competitions

Of course, our partners also offer extensive training programs for adults with the option of competing in national and international competitions.


Prerequisites for training:

  • You and your horse come to the trainer in Germany
  • You lease a horse from the trainer in Germany. Depending on the horse's training level, costs range from 1,000 EUR/week upwards.
  • You purchase a dressage horse, show jumping horse or eventing horse and enter a training camp for team building and competing.

Purchase adviser

You can book some of these trainers as a purchase adviser. Your GHC purchase adviser will support you in finding the horse you are looking for and help you to make the right choice. Purchase advisers are also often booked for video purchases from abroad.

Find more information and prices here.

Trainer profiles

Lars Meyer zu Bexten

Lars Meyer zu Bexten

Show jumping, former member of the national show jumping trainer team


Lars, born in 1973, holds a degree in business management. From 2005 to 2013 he was a member of the German national show jumping trainer team for juniors and young riders. His career began early on: In 1990 he became junior European team champion and was awarded the Goldene Reitabzeichen one year later. He subsequently achieved further wins in national and international show jumping competitions and Nations' Cups. He has been an FEI tutor since 2004. In addition, he was Chef d'Equipe at various Nations' Cups and has given clinics in more than 30 countries all over the world. As Hong Kong team manager he achieved numerous successes at the Asian and China Games.

Christoph Hess

Olympic and World Cup judge and trainer of dressage of the eventing teams Germany, Great Britain and France

Christoph has been a judge in dressage and eventing, nationally and internationally, for more than 35 years. He has judged Olympic Games, World Cup Qualifier & Finals and European Championships, and has been seated at the judging table in Aachen, the eventing Olympics and at the Young Dressage Horse World Championships. Christoph has been giving courses to riders, judges and trainers. He has been deployed in Europe, Australia, South Africa and South and North America and is also teaching globally online. In eventing, he has served as a judge in all five-star competitions except Burghley. He is currently supporting the dressage part of the eventing teams Germany, Great Britain and France.

Karsten Huck

Olympic bronze medal winner, trainer and educator 

In 2005, the German National Federation (GNF) awarded him the title of Professional Riding Instructor. Past responsibles include the lead at the Holsteiner program for stud training. Highly successful as rider, Karsten won the silver medal at the World Cup 1990 with the German equipe, was German champion in 1984 and won the bronze medal at the olympic games 1988 in Seoul.

Jens Baackmann

Show jumping, Vice Champion of the 2017 Riders Tour


Jens, born in 1984, runs a training barn near Münster. He holds the Goldene Reitabzeichen and is a qualified Pferdewirtschaftsmeister. Jens was trained by Marcus Ehning, Otto Becker and Christian Ahlmann. After winning various championships as a young rider, he has also won and been placed numerous times in international Nation's Cup events at the highest level. For example, Jens achieved the second placed in the 2017 DKP Riders Tour and won the Grand Prix in Münster (CSI4*). His pupils also compete in the highest classes CSI4* and CSI5*.

Rai Burch

Show jumping rider with international experience


Rai, born in 1989, has competed internationally to CSI 3* Level, and runs his own competition and training operation, in Pulheim, near Cologne. He is also a project manager for international equestrian events in Asia and the Middle East. He also has many students whom he travels worldwide to train and also who come to Germany from, USA, Jamaica, Bermuda, China, Thailand, Haiti, India and South Africa. He has trained with top riders such as Cameron Hanley, Albert Voorne and Marco Kutscher. He regularly hosts students for training camps at his base near with full-service organization and management helping young riders and juniors to prepare for national and international competitions.

Tobias Böcker

Tobias Böcker

Show jumping rider with international experience

Tobias, born in 1983, was a member of the German Armed Forces' sport support group for show jumping and studied business administration.

He trained with Christian Ahlmann, Manni Kötter, Karl Brocks and Eberhard Seeman and was very successful in the advanced class, e.g. at the Hamburg Derby and in World Cup jumping. Tobias also presented young horses successfully in Youngster Tours, at the Bundeschampionat and at the FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Horses.

Today he trains motivated riders of all ages and performance leveles. His students include Charlotte Höing (German Champion Children and European Team Champion 2018), Ann-Kathrin Brune (internationally successful up to S**) and Christian Bänninger, Switzerland (internationally victorious up to S*).

Marten Frehe-Siermann

Marten Frehe-Siermann

Show jumping rider with international experience and a degree in sport science.


Marten, born in 1982, has a degree in sport science and is project manager for international equestrian competitions. He runs a breeding and training barn near Osnabrück. Marten was assistant trainer under Ludger Beerbaum. He has achieved numerous titles and placings in equestrian sport such as Vice Champion of German Pony Riders, winner of the Nations' Cup in Verona, Italy, Westphalian Runner-up Champion, placed at the CSI5* Hamburg Derby as well as numerous other wins and placings up to CSI3*. Marten has trained many international riders up to the highest classes. He also has many students in China, India as well as Florida (USA). At his barn he trains young riders and juniors and prepares them for national and international competitions such as the European Championships. 

Julia Schmid

Julia Schmid

Eventing, show jumping, dressage, Pferdewirtschaftsmeister


Julia, born in 1979, runs a breeding and training yard in Baden-Württemberg. She completed her MBA and is Pferdewirtschaftsmeister for both breeding & stable management and riding. Julia has won several titles as state champion and champion of Southern Germany, and has also achieved placings in the finals of the National Championships for young horses. In addition, she was highly placed in the European Eventing Championships and has achieved successes in the advanced class in dressage as well as jumping.

Sebastian Heinze

Sebastian Heinze

Dressage, national trainer U25


Sebastian, born in 1980, is a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister. He worked as an assistant trainer for Heike Kemmer and Michael Klimke. Until 2013 he ran a training barn with Helen Langehanenberg and trained her with Damon Hill (silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London), as well as other successful horses. Sebastian has been national trainer of the U25 dressage riders since 2016. He also trains show jumping riders in dressage work at Ludger Beerbaum's yard. His own successes as a rider range from placings in National Championships for young horses to wins in the advanced class.

Dries van Peer

Dries van Peer

Dressage, Pferdewirt


Dries, born in 1980, completed his apprenticeship as a Pferdewirt with the Stensbeck Award. He did his apprenticeship with Johan Zagers and subsequently became chief assistant trainer at his yard. He has been self-employed since 2005 and currently does his training work at Gut Volkardey. Dries has specialized in the training of young dressage horses. He competes successfully at levels ranging from basic tests for young horses up to the advanced class.

Franz Schulze Schleithoff

Franz Schulze-Schleithoff

Show jumping, Pferdewirtschafsmeister


Franz, born in 1979, runs the Schleithoff pony farm and training barn. He is Pferdewirtschaftsmeister for both riding and breeding & stable management and completed both examinations with distinction. As a trainer, he has worked with pupils in countries such as the USA, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Egypt and Czech Republic, preparing them, e.g. for the European Championships for Juniors. Up to the present day, Franz has trained more than 1,000 pupils and prepared them competitions. Franz competes successfully from basic tests for young horses up to the high advanced class (1.55 m).