Frequently Asked Questions

Health of the horses

Are the horses healthy and are x-ray pictures available?

All the horses we offer are from professional and well managed stables. The horses have often been owned by the vendor for a number of years, so you can obtain comprehensive details about the history of the horses. X-ray pictures are also often available. Prior to investing in professional training, breeders usually subject the young horses to veterinary inspections. Just ask and we can let you know what information is available.

Purchasing price and shipping

What sort of price do sport horses start at?

The selected sport horses start in category A at 15,000 euros.

The horses on offer come from successful German stud farms and training stables, have good lineage in terms of breeding lines, and provide everything required to make a successful sport horse. The young horses offered via German Horse Center breeders are reared in optimal conditions, are usually broken in later on and are given long breaks from training.


All German Horse Center partners place special importance on good stable management, with high quality feed and fresh hay, good training paddocks, optimal medical support and professional training. The result is well trained, healthy and happy horses.


This is an integral part of the German Horse Center model and the philosophy of our carefully selected partners.



Is it possible to negotiate a price?

German Horse Center and its partners make every effort to set realistic prices. For us price transparency also means stating prices that are uniform and valid throughout the world.


In many countries and cultures it is customary to leave plenty of leeway for negotiating the final price. This is not generally the case in Germany. We ask you therefore to respect the fact that only a moderate level of price negotiation is possible.



How much does the transportation cost?
The price of transportation depends on a number of factors: is a gelding, a mare or a stallion being transported on its own or together with other horses? How far is it to the airport? What are the quarantine regulations in the destination country? Prices for flights change on a daily basis as transportation companies negotiate fares in much the same way as brokers work. We would be happy to provide you with a quotation from our transport partner

Horse presentation

All the sport horses are presented using a GHC online name. Why?

GHC issues horses with online names, in consultation with the partner stables - there are a number of reasons for this:

  • GHC offers sport horses that are successful up to the highest classes. Many of the owners and partner stables are interested in discretion and do not want it to be obvious that their horses are available for sale.
  • At GHC and the partners, the only relevant sources of information regarding competitive success are the official achievement databases maintained by the German Equestrian Federation (FN) and the FEI. There are now also numerous other platforms that log competition success, but these do not always exactly match with the official databases. GHC and the partners only want to provide the official results. In cases of specific interest or actual appointments, GHC will of course provide the horse's show name.


Where are the stables and German Horse Center located?

The German Horse Center office is located close to Osnabrueck. The German Horse Center partner stables are spread across Germany, primarily in the north and the south of the country. German Horse Center offers individually tailored horse viewing tours and, if required, it can also be arranged for a personal tour guide to accompany you.


Can I sell my horse via German Horse Center?

We work exclusively with selected partners in Germany that provide professional horse breeding, training and sales at the highest possible level. German Horse Center does not offer any horses sold directly by individuals.

If you have a professional stable in Germany with high quality dressage and/or show jumping horses, please contact us.