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German Horse Center is pleased to present horses for sale which come from renowned studs and professional riders in Germany. The collection comprises talented dressage horses, promising show jumping horses, attractive hunter jumper horses and talented equitation horseseventing horses as well as reliable confidence givers


GHC has arranged sales of sport horses worth a total value of over 20 million US dollars. More than 50% of customers are from the USA. Why not start your stress-free search for horses here, too?


All the sport horses have a GHC online name. The show name is available from us on request.  more

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Alison, Maryland, USA

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An easy, uncomplicated and bloodmarked mare who brings her riders joy everyday. She has very good riding qualities, a lot of scope and is very careful and brave at the jump.

Kate, Mare

2017, 163 cm

1.30 m Show Jumping

Price bis 45.000 EUR


Ambitious mare with a lot of scope and a good overview at the jump

Corny, Mare

2015, 166 cm

Show Jumping

Price up to 150,000 EUR


Beautiful show jumper with excellent riding qualities and a flawless character. Ideal for amateur riders or the US hunter classes.

Cabrio, Gelding

2018, 172 cm

1.30 m Show Jumping, Hunter, Confidence Giver

Price up to 45.000 EUR


Pony stallion who is suitable for show jumping as well as dressage. Due to his young age he still needs a rider with a little experience.

Dandolino, Stallion

2020, 147 cm

Young Horse Test

Dressage, Show Jumping

Price up to 20,000 EUR


Striking training horse with unique presence and quality for the big arena! Great training horse with very good work attitude and matching go. A sport partner with a TOP character that is simply fun to ride every day for the professional and amateur.

Bolero, Gelding

2018, 173 cm

Young Horse Test


Price up to 75.000 EUR


Ambitious show jumper with experience up to 1.45 m.

Jolie, Mare

2014, 171cm

1.45 m Show Jumping

Enquire for Price


Modern, light, long-legged show jumper with excellent riding qualities and a good overview around courses.

Liberty, Gelding

2017, 167 cm

1.30 m Show Jumping

Price on request


Careful, ambitious mare with wins up to 1.50 m.

Sold: Donna, Mare

2012, 167 cm

1.50 m Show Jumping, Confidence Giver

Price more than 150,000 EUR


Reliable partner for ambitious amateur riders. Antonia brings her rider joy every day.

Antonia, Mare

2015, 170 cm

1.40 m Show Jumping

Price up to 150,000 EUR


Talented gelding with strong nerves, a super sweet character and good basic gaits. Also well behaved when hacking out.

Vito, Gelding

2020, 170 cm


Price up to 45,000 EUR