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NameDirk Bolten
DisciplineDressage, Show Jumping

Bewegungstrainer EM (movement trainer)



Town40885 Ratingen
Willingness to travelGermany, At the trainer´s facility



1979:Completed Pferdewirt riding with Reinhard Meier
1980 -1981:Further education at Warendorf National Stud Farm
Ab 1981:Assistant trainer at dressage stables of the Lammers riding center in Olfen, Germany
1983:Completed Pferdewirtschaftsmeister - focus on riding
Since 1985: Management and administration of Hülchrath Manor as well as Chief Instructor
2008: Attained Bewegungstrainer EM qualification



Successes & References


More than 480 victories and top placings in dressage and jumping competitions – from basic tests for young horses to advanced class jumping.



Seat training: gymnastication of the rider for optimization of the rider’s seat

As a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister and a Bewegungstrainer EM (movement trainer), Dirk Bolten instructs his pupils in accordance with the teachings of Eckart Meyners. In addition to the ‘old school’ of learning to ride, a new aspect is also introduced:

Seat problems are resolved and the seat is improved by means of focused exercises. The use of gymnastics means that the actual reasons behind the problem are addressed rather than the symptoms. Only with an independent and coordinated rider’s seat is it possible to exercise optimal control over the horse and give it assistance.



Successful Pupils


Riding pupils are more mobile after the movement training and can thereby better influence their horses when riding.


Following such regular training, riding pupils, from beginners to professionals, are more successful at competitions, irrespective of whether they are participating in preliminary or advanced class competitions.





The objective is to lead the horse to the goal of the training with the least possible energy.


In principle, the larger masses move the smaller masses: the rider must therefore be mobile. The more mobile he or she is, the more he or she can adjust to the horse and thereby influence it.