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NameMichael Rohrmann
DisciplineDressage, Show Jumping, Eventing

Bewegungstrainer EM (movement trainer)



Town35745 Herborn-Guntersdorf
Willingness to travelAt the trainer´s facility, Worldwide
LanguagesGerman, English



1975: Completion of banking training
1978:Completion of Pferdewirt training – focus on riding
1981:Qualified as Pferdewirtschaftsmeister- focus on riding, with Stensbeck Award
Until 2007:Training coach at the Munich and Vechta Riding and Driving Schools, inc. professional training for Pferdewirte and Meister qualifications
2008:Training to be a Bewegungstrainer (movement trainer) according to the philosophy of Eckart Meyners



Successes & References 


1988: Silver Pin of Honor from the German National Federation of Professional Riders
1995:Goldenes Reitabzeichen
Since 2005:Instructor and co-developer of the trainer support and promotion system for FENA (Austria), primarily show jumping instructor for juniors and young riders



Further Qualifications and References

  • Various qualifications as a judge and head show jumping course official up to the advanced class (class S)
  • Activities concentrating on the training of riders and trainers - as an instructor, examiner and committee member for various associations
  • Record: dressage to Grand Prix level, show jumping up to the advanced class, eventing up to the medium class, regular participation at National Championships 


Successful Pupils

  • Youth riders: assistance and support to reach German Championship level in all disciplines as well as qualification of riders for junior state and national riding squads
  • Trainers of adult riders for a number of equestrian sport associations as well as instructors for coaching and further education of international trainers
  • Dressage trainers to Grand Prix level, including the trainer of the American rider Athea Kin, as well as show jumping trainers up to the advanced class and eventing trainers up to the medium class





There is only one way of riding: "The right way".

This is meant in the sense of harmony and health for the rider and horse, which forms the basis for success.



The video shows Michael Rohrmann in a advanced (S ) class dressage test.