The GHC story: how it came about

GHC Story


Do you feel alone in the vastness of the Internet in your search for the perfect horse?

Are you unsure whether the long journey to see and test ride a horse is really worth it and if the horse will deliver in the long-term what it promises at first sight?


We felt the same way,…

when we were looking 2006 for a horse for Tanja – one of the founders of the German Horse Center. We would have really liked to have access to a single website containing a range of top quality horses. A place where the vendors could provide a guarantee of quality and training compatible with the horses’ wellbeing so that buyers can be confident of a long and happy relationship with a healthy sporting partner.


As no such site existed at that time, we decided to do something about it and create a website meeting all these criteria from the customers’ point of view.


  • Selected vendors that present horses on a single online platform.
  • Realistic descriptions and videos without tricks or exaggeration.
  • Trainers who can help clients with the training of horses and riders.
  • A fantastic service from first contact to completed purchase and after-care.


This was the basis upon which we (Tanja and Stefan) founded the GHC GmbH German Horse Center. Since spring 2009 we present some of the top stud farms, trainers and sporting riders in Germany with their selection of horses for sale: from young athletic talents to successful competition horses with successes all the way up to Grand Prix level.


A central element of our concept is our model for the sale of horses:
All our partners make a contractual commitment to use training methods designed in accordance with the fundamental principles of classic riding logic, which place the wellbeing of the horse in focus. 

Our utmost priority is fairness to the horses. Our policy is that it is better not to go through with a sale if it is not right for horse and rider.


We hope thereby to offer you a good point of contact that meets all your needs with regard to horse purchase.


If you have any requests or suggestions, we would be happy to receive your feedback.


Tanja Uredat and Stefan Kreutz


Founders of GHC GmbH German Horse Center