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The US Collection by Wilhelm Genn and Frank Madden


German Horse Center is pleased to present horses for sale which come from renowned studs and professional riders in Germany. The collection comprises talented dressage horses, promising show jumping horses, attractive hunter jumper horses and talented equitation horseseventing horses as well as reliable confidence givers


GHC has arranged sales of sport horses worth a total value of over 20 million US dollars. More than 50% of customers are from the USA. Why not start your stress-free search for horses here, too?


All the sport horses have a GHC online name. The show name is available from us on request.  more

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Cynthia, Colorado, USA

"I am so grateful to The German Horse Center for selling me my absolute dream horse!"


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Experienced show jumper with potential for Grand Prix level. Recent winner 1.40 m and 1.45 m Grand Prix.

Leopold, Gelding

2010, 170 cm

1.50 m Show Jumping, Confidence Giver

US Import Price 180,000 USD


Fine, young dressage horse, well-behaved, very good basic gaits.

Ready to go, Gelding

2015, 166 cm

Young Horse Test


Price B


Winner 1.10 m and 1.20 m class, ready for 1.30 m. Also easy for children or newcomers to competitive show jumping. Talented, forgiving, pleasant to ride.

Cocolino, Gelding

2013, 168 cm

Young Horse Test

1.30 m Show Jumping, Eventing, Confidence Giver

Price B


Winner 1.20 m, placed in 1.30 m. Ready for Youngster Tour 1.30 m/ 1.35 m.

Lanthano, Gelding

2013, 170 cm

Young Horse Test

1.35 m Show Jumping, Equitation, Confidence Giver

Price E


A true fighter which always gives his best for his rider. Just the right level of temperament, forgiving. Placed in 1.40 m.

Bentley, Gelding

2011, 168 cm

1.40 m Show Jumping, Confidence Giver

Price F


High quality horse with excellent jumping technique and the right amount of caution.

Cassilo, Gelding

2014, 164 cm

Young Horse Test

Show Jumping

Price D


A long history of success and a huge 1.40 m record. Impressive as a 8 year old. Very easy to ride: Great junior and lady riders jumper.

California Sunshine, Mare

2011, 166 cm

1.40 m Show Jumping, Confidence Giver

US Import Price 220,000 USD


Placed in 1.30 m. Top calm and reliable confidence giver, also suitable for nervous riders.

Qatar, Gelding

2012, 170 cm

1.30 m Show Jumping, Hunter, Equitation, Confidence Giver

Price B


Ready for 1.20 m, wins and placings in 1.10 m and 1.15 m. Pleasant to ride, already very mature for her young age.

Cocobella, Mare

2014, 172 cm

Young Horse Test

Show Jumping, Hunter, Equitation

Price C


Easy to ride horse, ready to participate in 1.35 m. International Youngster Tour is planned for 2019. Highly placed 1.30 m class ridden by a girl.

Lorenzo, Gelding

2012, 172 cm

1.35 m Show Jumping

Price E