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German Horse Center is pleased to present horses for sale which come from renowned studs and professional riders in Germany. The collection comprises talented dressage horses, promising show jumping horses, attractive hunter jumper horses and talented equitation horseseventing horses as well as reliable confidence givers


GHC has arranged sales of sport horses worth a total value of over 20 million US dollars. More than 50% of customers are from the USA. Why not start your stress-free search for horses here, too?


All the sport horses have a GHC online name. The show name is available from us on request.  more

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Camellia's father Dirk, Singapur

"Cupido, the horse we found via GHC, is making excellent progress. Our daughter is very happy and is jumping from success to success!" more

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Uncomplicated gelding who knows how to present himself around courses. He is careful, scopey and can also be ridden fast.

Cadou, Gelding

2017, 168 cm

Show Jumping

Placed until 1.40m

Price up to 150,000 EUR


Talented dressage prospect with very good basic gaits and best riding qualities.

Ferrero, Gelding

2018, 175 cm


Price up to 45,000 EUR


Dressage youngster with excellent basic gaits and a good attititude towards the sport.

Sold: Skyfall, Mare

2019, 168 cm


Price up to 30,000 EUR


Typey gelding with good basic gaits, excellent riding qualities and an ideal attitude towards riding.

Dimaro, Gelding

2020, 166 cm

Young Horse Test


Price up to 20,000 EUR


Beautiful, typey stallion with a good jumping technique and a lot of scope. Winner in his first competition ever.

Denver, Stallion

2020, 174 cm

Show Jumping

Price up to 45,000 EUR


Show jumpers with very good riding qualities, a flawless character and a good overview around courses. Always wants to jump.

Greg, Gelding

2015, 172cm

1.45 m Show Jumping

Z: Price on Request


Very well-behaved show jumper, especially suitable for children or insecure riders.

Camelot, Gelding

2014, 169 cm

Show Jumping, Confidence Giver

Price on request


This Westphalian gelding has proven himself to be a very uncomplicated, wealthy show jumping horse with international placings up to 1.45m. He impresses through is good character and his good rideability.

Lincoln, Gelding

2013, 178 cm

Show Jumping, Equitation

Price up to 150,000 EUR


Wonderful show jumper with a lot of talent at the jump and excellent riding qualities.

Dubai, Gelding

2014, 166 cm

Show Jumping

Price up to 75,000 EUR


Talented young show jumper, ready for 1.30 m.

Silverado, Gelding

2018, 172 cm

1.30 m Show Jumping

Price up to 60,000 EUR