Zino, Gelding

  • Year of Birth 2012
  • Breed Holsteiner
  • Sire Zirocco Blue
  • Height ca. 168 cm / 16.2 hh
  • Color Gray
  • Disciplines Show Jumping
  • X-rays Yes
  • US Price*129,000
  • Location Lower Saxony
  • Offer No. 16742
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Early life

Zino is still owned by the breeder and has been reared and trained by the GHC partner from the very beginning.



Extremely talented young show jumper at an advanced stage in training. Caius can participate immediately in show jumping tests at medium (1.35 m) level. He also performs very well at competitions.



Many placings in show jumping tests for young horses up to medium (1.30 m) level, often achieving scores higher than 8.0. He is also placed in 1.30 m and 1.35 m class with a junior girl.



Easy, uncomplicated horse which displays evenness, a good overview and caution around courses.


What sort of rider does the horse need?

A young Grand Prix horse for ambitious amateurs, juniors and professional riders.


Zino is a close relative of Caracho, ridden by Lucy Davis, USA.


About Wilhelm Genn


Wilhelm, Ohio is a world class rider and trainer. More than 100 wins in Grand Prix's. In 2018 he won the World Cup class of the North America league in Sacramento, California. Recently he was qualified for the 2019 World Cup finals in Gothenburg. More about Wilhelm



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