Adventure, Gelding

  • Year of Birth 2010
  • Breed Oldenburger Springpferd
  • Sire Acantus GK
  • Height ca. 173 cm / 17.0 hh
  • Color Bay
  • Disciplines Show Jumping, Equitation, Confidence Giver
  • Price Categorie E up to EUR 75,000
  • Location Bavaria
  • Offer No. 16558
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Gently trained gelding which is currently ready to participate in the medium** (1.35 m) class. Adventure is very careful and, given the right kind of support, has the potential to become a horse for Grand Prix sport.



Serial winner with top scores in show jumping tests for young horses from novice (1.10 m) to medium (1.30 m) level. Adventure has also collected ribbons in against the clock show jumping tests up to the medium** (1.35 m) class.



Excellent riding qualities, reliability, a good attitude and the desire to please are the distinguishing features of this gelding. He is pleasantly sensitive and always responds well to rider aids.


What sort of rider does the horse need?

For ambitious riders looking for a horse of very promising quality.



*This sport horse has been allocated to the Confidence Giver category as, according to the German Horse Center partner, it is a particularly well behaved and calm horse even in difficult situations. However, please note that all horses may revert to their instinctive behavior as flight animals in certain circumstances.