Lissina, Mare

  • Year of Birth 2005
  • Breed German Sport Horse
  • Sire Lord Z
  • Height ca. 169 cm / 16.3 hh
  • Color Gray
  • Disciplines Show Jumping, Confidence Giver
  • X-rays Yes
  • Price Categorie E up to EUR 75,000
  • Location North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Offer No. 16438
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An easy-to-ride show jumper, now ready for advanced classes Ridden by a young girl, Lissina has already been successful in lower classes.



Highly placed in advanced* (1.40 m) and advanced** (1.45 m) classes.



Reliable, very cooperative horse which also willingly forgives mistakes made by the rider.


Pre-purchase inspection

X-rays can be made available.


What sort of rider does the horse need?

Completely reliable horse for almost any rider.



*This sport horse has been allocated to the Confidence Giver category as, according to the German Horse Center partner, it is a particularly well behaved and calm horse even in difficult situations. However, please note that all horses may revert to their instinctive behavior as flight animals in certain circumstances.