Champ of Class, Gelding

  • Year of Birth 2005
  • Breed Holsteiner
  • Sire Cassini II
  • Height ca. 180 cm / 17.3 hh
  • Color Gray
  • Disciplines Show Jumping, Confidence Giver
  • X-rays Yes
  • Price Categorie C up to EUR 45,000
  • Location North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Offer No. 16277
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Early life

Champ of Class has been with the GHC partner since he was a foal and has been reared and trained under optimum conditions.



The gelding is ready to participate immediately in the advanced** (1.45 m) show jumping class.



Champ of Class has been placed up to the advanced** (1.45 m) show jumping level.



An honest sport horse with the right amount of caution and a lot of talent. The gelding is very forgiving and can compensate for rider errors.


Pre-purchase inspection

X-rays can be made available.


What sort of rider does the horse need?

This sport horse is suitable for less experienced riders wishing to be successful at the higher levels of show jumping. Champ of Class is also an ideal partner for newcomers to competitive sport.


*This sport horse has been allocated to the Confidence Giver category as, according to the German Horse Center partner, it is a particularly well behaved and calm horse even in difficult situations. However, please note that all horses may revert to their instinctive behavior as flight animals in certain circumstances.

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