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Renowned German stud farms and sales stables unite, for the first time, under to offer dressage, show jumping, hunter and equitation horses for sale. The full service concept of the center addresses prospective international purchasers and covers everything from arranging travel plans for a "Horse Tour" including personal tour guides in Germany to the provision of impartial purchasing advice and handling of the actual purchase and subsequent transport. The entire portfolio of services is based on a concept of equine well-being as well as the principles of transparency and high quality service provision.


Quality Sport Horses

German Horse Center, at, provides a common internet platform for the sale of horses from more than 30 renowned German stud farms and sales stables. German dressage and show jumping horses trained by professionals and suitable for top sport are available for sale.

Full Service

Right from initial contact, German Horse Center offers clients full service from travel planning, the "Horse Tour", personal tour guides, purchasing advice to transportation logistics. .


The well-being of the horses and quality services are German Horse Center's utmost priority. Everyone values healthy breeding and gentle training of horses in accordance with the classic rules of riding culture. On this basis, German Horse Center has developed a vision which their partners have also endorsed.

Price Transparency

German Horse Center stands behind transparency for horse purchases. Top quality at fair prices is the goal of German Horse Center and its partners. Price transparency means stating consistent prices that apply around the world. We therefore use lists of fixed prices for the horses. German Horse Center receives a contractually defined sales commission from its partner stables. 

Horses currently available

Currently, there are more  than 150 top sport horses available. All are from selected stud farms and training stables in Germany and may be viewed in the open and exclusive online area at - from youngsters to successful championship horses.
Thus, German Horse Center is on its way to becoming the leading online portal in Germany for international buyers of amateur and professional sport horses.

The founders of German Horse Center

The company GHC GmbH German Horse Center was founded by Tanja Uredat and Stefan Kreutz with the business starting in March 2009. Both are passionate for equestrian sports and they love horses. Their professional backgrounds are in marketing and communication, internet and dialog marketing. German Horse Center has been established with the assistance of a team of equine experts and other professionals from various fields.

The goal is to provide a selection of horses whose well-being is the first priority. At the same time, customers, stud farms and trainers are to be offered the best possible service.

"Riding is our passion. We provide a service that we would want to see as horse enthusiasts and clients," says Stefan Kreutz, managing director of GHC GmbH German Horse Center.



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German Horse Center-Logo
German Horse Center-Logo

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