About the US Collection

German Horse Center US Collection

For 10 years, German Horse Center has been the specialist for placing German sport horses with US amateurs as well as competitive and professional riders. GHC and its partners are specialized in the needs and requirements of US customers. We continuously develop new ideas and concepts to improve this service for our customers.


Our US Trainer Collection is one of these new services to help you find your perfect horse.


Top US trainers from the hunter, equitation and show jumping disciplines test ride horses for you and assess the horses with regard to their suitability for the American market. All horses have been x-rayed and are offered at an import price (released quarantine) in US dollar. This way, right from the beginning, you know the complete price for the horse.


The advantages of the US Trainer Collection at a glance

  • German sport horses pre-evaluated by top US trainers for American riders
  • Only x-rayed horses
  • US Import complete price in US dollar
  • Full US-specific service by GHC

US Import Complete Price

The complete price for horses in US Trainer Collections published on the GHC website includes the following:

  • Anticipated purchase price of the horses in US dollars on the basis of the EUR-USD exchange rate on the date of the publication, possibly adapted to the development in some cases. In the case of a definite interest in purchasing, this basic price will be reviewed and the customer will subsequently be informed about a binding sales price.
  • "Shipping released quarantine", i. e. transport of the horse (geldings and mares) from Germany to the USA, including quarantine at the airport and import process, in the case of mares plus CEM quarantine at a farm certified for this purpose. The calculation is for transport & import to Los Angeles, California. It may be possible to reduce the price if the destination is Miami or New York. This will be calculated on an individual basis and the customer will be informed about the applicable price on the relevant date.
  • GHC service fee for arranging availability and handling of the US Trainer Collections.The GHC US import complete price which features on the website is not a binding offer. Rather it represents a general price orientation for interested US buyers. Quite significant differences due to exchange rate fluctuations and changes in air transport costs (in particular aviation fuel prices) are possible. In the case of definite interest in buying a horse, GHC will make a binding offer to the interested party which will apply for a specifically defined period.