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NameWalking Warkant
Year of Birth2004
Height171 cm /
16.3 hh
Price CategorieD up to EUR 60,000
LocationLower Saxony
Offer No.13156

Early Life

The gelding was bred and reared under optimal conditions at the German Horse Center partner. 



This black gelding was broken in carefully at the age of 4. He can compete in advanced level dressage competitions, Prix St. Georges.



Walking Warkant has already won a number of novice and elementary class dressage tests for young horses with excellent scores up to 8.5. He participated in the National Championships for young horses in 2009.

Walking Warkant was victorious and several times highly placed in L dressage with double bridle. Victorious and top placings in M* and M** dressage tests. 
Winner in Prix St. Georges Special, score 68.7 % and several times highly placed in Prix St. Georges.



He always gives a charming impression. He has the required nerve and is very calm and composed at competitions and when out riding. He is ambitious and works together with the rider in a very focused manner.


Pre-Purchase Inspection

X-rays are available. July 2010: Colic Surgery. A small visible scar. Two prevention follow examinations at the veterinary university in Hanover: Confirmation that he is 100% capable for the sport.


What sort of rider does the horse need?

This elegant gelding is the perfect dressage horse for an ambitious rider wishing to be successful in the higher classes of the sport.


  Warkant World Cup
  La Bella Lanthan

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Kaitlin, USA

Kaitlin, USA

 ... the professionalism, cleanliness and wonderful care for the horses at the German Horse Center was absolutely amazing."


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What has this horse achieved?

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